Who We Are

Centre for Peace Across Borders (CePAB), formerly known as Centre for Development, Constitutionalism and Peace Advocacy (CD-COPA) is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental human rights and development Organisation.

Based in Owerri, Southeast Nigeria, CePAB is committed to the issues of peacebuilding, democracy and sustainable development. Its goal is to promote peace and democracy as vehicles for development through research, documentation, training and advocacy. CePAB was established in May 2001 and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with Certificate No: CAC/IT/NO.43131.


To pursue, promote, support and engage in activities, projects and issues of sustainable development, good governance, human rights including the rights of women and children and engaging itself in conflict management and peace building activities in Nigeria.


To raise popular consciousness that peace is the basis of democratic consolidation and sustainable development in Nigeria.


To undertake, support and pursue issues of sustainable development, especially in the rural communities.

To provide micro-credits to rural women and help them form cooperatives in order to access relevant government information on poverty alleviation programs and policies.

To provide skills and training for youths from poor homes and school dropouts and girls in the streets in order to free them from unemployment, crimes and prostitution.

To initiate and execute poverty alleviation and skill acquisition projects.

To purse the abolition of the disinheritance of women under the customary law.

To campaign against corruption, which is the root of the nation’s under-development.

To monitor, promote and defend democratic governance in the country.

To undertake and promote civic education.

To promote and defend the human rights of the citizens in general and the rights of women, children and elderly persons in particular.

To organize and/or provide free legal assistance to the poor and less privileged ones who are victims of human rights abuses and deprivations of justice, especially women, children, youths, elderly ones, disabled persons, refugees and the ethnic minorities in the country.

To purse the adoption of and the application of international legal instruments including charters, conventions, protocol agreements, etc signed or ratified by Nigeria.

To pursue proper, adequate and humane legislations, policies and programmes that cater for the concerns and interests of women, children, youths, disabled ones, elderly persons and ethnic minority groups.

To engage in judicial watch, pursuit of judicial reforms for effective and fair dispensation of justice and access to justice.

To advocate for penal and prison reforms for women, children and elderly persons.

To purse the issue of education as a legal right in order to free the citizens from superstitions, illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and diseases.

To promote industrial harmony in work places by educating workers on labour rights and grievance procedure as provided in the Labour Act and the International Labour Conventions.

To advocate and work for the eradication of human trafficking in Nigeria and globally.

To take the message of HIV/AIDS to the rural areas and the urban slums, and to prevent the spread of emerging diseases through information dissemination and campaigns.

To promote peace building and the reconciliation of communities and people in conflict.

To establish a human rights school and a library.