LEADERSHIP WATCH. Under this project, the organization is to monitor governance in the country and fashions out strategies of deepening and consolidating democracy in Nigeria.

WOMEN ADVANCE PROJECT (WAP). This is a periodic leadership training and capacity building project for young females aimed at equipping them now for future participation in leadership.

LAW REFORM ACTION (LRA). This project is responsible for proposals for law reform. Under it, the Organization did a memorandum to the National Assembly on the Electoral Act stating its lack of competence to make law on the tenure of local government councils, a position the Supreme Court upheld in its judgment. It also did another memorandum to the House of Representatives Committee on Privatisation calling for an amendment of the Privatization Act. The National Assembly is about to review the Privatization Act.

LEGAL ASSISTANCE PROJECT (LAP). Under this project, the Organization renders free legal services to the indigent, victims of human rights abuses and those who have been in prison or police custody for long without trial. The Centre carries on its Public Impact Litigation (PIL) programme under this project.

PEACE ADVOCACY CLUBS (PACS). This project is targeted at the young ones in secondary schools. It is an effort by the Organisation to catch them young. It is believed that if the young ones start thinking peace now, violence and crimes will reduce in the country.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT (WEP). Under this project, seed finance is made available to rural women and widows to help set up small businesses. It is an interest free micro-credit scheme. It coordinates the skill acquisition program.

PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (PADI). This is a project on community development and peace building. It involves training and roundtable dialogue on peace and development. It is usually a brainstorming session and ideas generating. Often, specific concerns are discussed.

WAKE-UP CAMPAIGN. This project is devoted to the organizations campaign against HIV/AIDS, Malaria prevention and awareness and for reproductive health right. Our focus is the rural areas and the urban slums where many government officials and many groups hardly reach.

LABOUR EDUCATION TRAINING (LET). The Organization is interested in the promotion and defence of workers rights. It therefore organizes labour education training for union leaders.

LIBRARY SERVICES. The organization renders library service. In the few years of its existence, it has established a modest library that civil society activists, students, lecturers, etc visit for research. The organization intends to increase the number of available resources and the areas covered to serve the public better.